I work already for many years in the horticulture and mainly with the luxurious species. About six years ago, purely by coincidence I stumbled upon passiflora and this was the well known P. Cearulea. I went for a search on the internet to see what was going on in the Netherlands, regarding the breeding of passion flowers. This was mainly done by private breeders and after a while I went along Mr. P. Moerman of the "Passiflorahoeve" in Harskamp. I took a couple of passiflora species with me to try them out in my greenery. I was surprised by the beautiful colors and the many species available. I became more and more curious and I gathered many more varieties, of course most of them grow excellent in my greenery. At a certain moment I started multiplying several species, of which I thought they were worth the effort to bring in culture. At the same time more people started visiting me to come and take a look and they always took some young passiflora’s with them, enthusiastic by what they seen. Also I received e-mails of people who lived a bit further away, with the question if I could send them some plants. This was the beginning for me regarding selling passion flowers through the web. In the meanwhile I managed to expand my collection, through contacts inside and outside the Netherlands. Through these contacts I also received passion flowers who are pretty rare. Some varieties are very difficult to multiply, but by the means of my greenery and a lot of patience I managed to get good results. I even managed to multiply the Tacsonia Insignis through rooting cuttings, in which no one succeeded so far. Within my collection and the passion flowers I offer for sale I have a wide variety; like frost resistant species, Tacsonia’s and even tropical species for people who can offer them the right circumstances.