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This splendid passiflora is best suitable for the experienced breeder, who owns a heated glasshouse or conservatory.

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Again a species which you don’t see offered often, because it’s more a passion flower for the experienced breeder who can fulfill its needs. P. Glandulosa from the genus Distephana has splendid red flowers and can certainly be called tropical. Countries of origin are; French Guyana, the lowlands of Brazil and Venezuela. In the dark months you need to give it extra lighting up to 12 hours day length. Nowadays there are great led lamps and low-energy lamps available for this purpose.

Minimum temperature: 16° C (61° F)


We sell passion flowers all year through. In case several species are not on stock, you can inform us in which passion flowers you are interested by using the "notify me" button. We can check that way quite easily; in which passiflora's people are interested and fine-tune our creation of young plants according to this. You will also receive automatically an email, when the young plants are ready for sale and we have added them to our stock. Please note, that this is not a presales system, you still need to order the passion flowers which are added to our stock, through our web shop. We don't ship Passion Flowers during frost periods, we ask for you understanding regarding this and to take this in account whenever you place an order.

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